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This watch is available in platinum and comes with box and papers. Chopard Replica Watches It was made in 2005. Its unique design and technical solutions make it very cool. This Corum is a skeleton watch. A skeleton watch refers to a mechanical watch where all moving parts can be seen through the Chopard Replica Watches front, back or small cut on the dial. True skeletonization also involves the removal of all non-essential metals from the bridge, plate and wheel train, as well as any other Chopard Replica Watches mechanical parts. This leaves only the minimal swiss replica watches skeleton required to function. These watches are horological art at its best. However, the Golden Bridge is more than a "normal" skeleton watch. It is much more than that!The Golden Bridge movement was Chopard Replica Watches created in 1977 by Vincent Calabrese (an Italian master watchmaker). It is considered a historic addition to the world watchmaking industry. Calabrese was driven by the desire to showcase the movement's beauty and create a movement unlike any other. In 1977, Calabrese's creation was awarded an illustrious prize Chopard Replica Watches at the Geneva International Inventors Show. Since then, it has enjoyed a nearly mythical status. Rene Bannwart (Corum founder and owner) noticed the 1977 prototype watch Calabrese had presented. Bannwart formed an immediate relationship with Calabrese, and bought the patent.

Calabrese's masterpiece is remarkable because it has a linear built Chopard Replica swiss replica watches Watches movement attached at just two positions to the case, at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock. It almost seems like it's floating in the air. Technically, we are referring to a baguette-in-line movement. The baguette in-line movement is a configuration where every Chopard Replica Watches component is arranged in the same row. This requires that the designer has to be aware of all technical issues. We won't go into detail here as we don't want to get too geeky. Chopard Replica Watches Common problems included the fact that too many pieces would result in too long movements, making them unwearable. Calabrese was forced to devise a solution to reduce the size of the parts. Movement components can only be 33 millimetres in length. The assembly of each component is crucial for the Chopard Replica Watches mechanical operation of the timepiece. This makes it a lengthy and intricate process.