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Martijn van den Ven published Time for a Change, Bell & Ross BR 01 Replica Discovering Bell & Ross BR 01 Replica Vintage Eicar, last December. Although Martijn van der Ven launched his book on his own, it was well-researched and beautiful. It not only describes the rise and fall this extraordinary Bell & Ross BR 01 Replica watch company but also includes great swiss replica watches advertisements of the time, the people behind it, and the tough times that the watch industry faced during the quartz crisis. It's more than just a watch guide. Van der Ven was kind enough to talk to us about the book.

It's a wonderful journey through time by flipping through swiss replica watches Time For A Change's pages. Ariste Racine, a famous watchmaker from La Chaux-de-Fonds, founded Enicar in 1913. As with most watches brands of Bell & Ross BR 01 Replica that time, Enicar's growth was guaranteed in the first ten years. It owned two factories in Lengnau, and Oensingen when it was at its peak. They produced around 800,000 wristwatches a year. It was an extraordinary company. For example, its name is just the name of its founder written backwards. Enicar Bell & Ross BR 01 Replica filed bankruptcy in 1987 after the quartz crisis, and the last watch was taken out of production.Van der Ven explains, "I have always loved stories about underdogs." Enicar was one of the things that attracted me to it. They didn't go bust because of the way they thought. Although they had many innovations and some great Bell & Ross BR 01 Replica marketing stunts, they didn't reach the same heights as Omega or Rolex. It's all just a matter of imagination.