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ALaurent Ferrier designed a special piece for Only Watch in 2015. Blancpain Replica Watches It was a Galet Square version with a different dial and case. This dial was known as a "sector" dial. Although the lugs weren't to my liking, the sector dial was perfect. It was elegant, timeless, and slightly swiss replica watches Blancpain Replica Watches sportier than other brands. But, that watch is unique, so I doubt anyone will be able buy it. Dreaming is a free Blancpain Replica Watches thing, and it's a good thing. Monochrome would have been a dream job, but I wouldn't be doing it for a living.Blancpain Replica Watches

My dream Galet Square has a sector track inspired by the Only Watch 2015. swiss replica watches It is slightly modified to match the silver dial. The superb Blancpain Replica Watches "assegai" hands have been redesigned to be silver-toned. The sub-dial has a darker grey to add depth and Blancpain Replica Watches dimension to the monochromatic face. This result is more elegant and fluid than the Only Watch version. It Blancpain Replica Watches may also be more versatile due to its fully grey color scheme. It could be more than a Photoshop mockup.